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December 1Listening to sweet Emma chattering away to herself when she first wakes up is one of the best things about the morning.

I am position #866 for a library book hold. I think they might need to order more copies....

December 2
Gotta love when the Wal-Mart cashier knows of a sale you don't and gives you a discounted price. Got my flour for almost half of what I expected to pay!

December 6
When the hot water heater blows and soaks the carpet, it's a good time to be a renter.

I'm gonna go have some vodka. When it rains, it pours.

December 7
I'm just feeding Piper her lunch while seats on the potty. I am getting REALLY tired of running back and forth, back and forth...
December 8
Water heater is fixed, carpet is being dried, and we DON'T any more money for Emma's birth (a little battle I was fighting). Things are looking up!
Just figured out, by watching You Tube, how to fix my leaky bathtub faucet. How cool!
Next up on my You Tube education - how to make mozzarella. I still can't get the hang of it. Maybe You Tube can help me...
Lily is such a dawdler. We are over an hour into dinner and she is STILL dawdling over her food. Add in a potty break and it is like the dinner that will never end...
December 9
Our day: post office, grocery store, break for kiddoes morning snack of french fries at McDonalds (super healthy I know), Wal-Mart, lunch via Chik Fil A, watched "Rio" with the girls, afternoon snack of chocolate chips (again healthy choice eh?), Walgreens (where a kind stranger gave each of the girls $1 for Christmas), Lowes, then home to fix a leaky tub, blow up balloons for the girls to play with and make dinner. It was a good day!

December 10
Elliott watched basketball today. I am watching "Extreme Couponing." We all have our sporting events!
I don't know if it's the wine or the really bad 80's movie re-do, but I'm laughing so much!
December 14
Enjoying a quiet moment before kids wake up. On the docket today - a trip to Provo to return a library book, hit some grocery stores and get my knives sharpened. Top it off with lunch with a friend at the McD's Playplace so maybe the kid will let me chat. Probably not, but that's the best weapon I have.

Yesterday we were trying to load up the car and take Ava to preschool. Piper was missing. I called to her and heard from afar "I coming." After I called her again and another "I coming" she started slowly walking up the stairs, talking on her "phone" (i.e. a calculator). 'Yeah, OK, that's good' she was saying. I took the calculator away and said "we're not talking on the phone right now, get in the car."  Hmmm.... a glimpse of my future perhaps?!
Last night I had an epic fail at making Christmas cookies for the neighbors. Here's hoping my Chex Mix turns out better!
December 15
Emma just wants to be held all of the time so she can be part of the action too. Can't wait for her to be big enough for the Excersaucer. Here's hoping that will be just as entertaining!
Today I was talking about how we were taking treats to Elliott's work today. Ava wondered why we were only making 6 bags. "Well there are lots of people that work at the hospital, but only 6 in daddy's office. He works with the numbers." Ava thinks about it for a minute then asks "Who works with the letters and shapes?"
December 16
Trying to de-stress. After driving around trying to find the DMV and then waiting in line with all of my paperwork, turns out I also needed my marriage license since my birth certificate name doesn't match my social security card. So an hour and a half down the drain! I HATE when my day gets thrown off. I think I might just cry.... It's a great stress reliever you know.
December 17
Ava and Lily are SO excited to be sheep in the kids program at church tomorrow. And they are excited daddy's coming to see them.
December 19
Enjoyed lovely time tonight with a trip to Temple Square for our annual light-viewing with extended Kay family. Cold but worth it!
December 20
My goodness, I am tired from all of the cleaning I did today. But NOW I can focus on the fun stuff. Finishing presents and just enjoying the last few days of the Christmas season.
December 21
I need to do a bit of grocery shopping (expiring coupons!) but am a little nervous to head out to Wal-Mart tonight. Blech!
December 24
Anyone else on checking out NORAD's Santa Tracker? It's our favorite activity on Christmas Eve!
Looking forward to my annual "Sushi and 'Love Actually' Christmas Eve Date" with Elliott.
Sushi consumed and halfway through our movie. Time for a cocktail! What a lovely date night.
December 26
Having a Christmas hangover. The girls are so wired from all the new stimulating presents and week-long candy binge that everyone seems extra emotional and on edge. I think we need to detox!
Made Elliott watch "The Help" with me tonight (my Christmas present). He liked it OK. I tried not to cry again at the end (like I did at the theaters).
December 27
Took advantage today of signing up for a free Annual Family Pass (courtesy of Elliott's work) at the Utah Olympic Oval, home of the US Speed Skating Team. We can now go and skate ANY TIME WE WANT FOR FREE! I am thinking we may have to see if any of the girls take to figure skating.
December 29
Venturing to Target today to check it out. You know, with four kids in tow after-Christmas baragin hunting just isn't the same.
What a privilege to take a meal to a person in need. I hope that someone would do the same for me.
December 30
Thanks everyone for the great food ideas for tomorrow night! The prep has begun (cause Texas Cake tastes better the longer it sets, yum!).

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