Not So Fresh Start to the New Year

Well, yesterday saw the Kay household felled by a nasty stomach bug.  Luckily it ran it's course quickly.  Lily stopped throwing up around 2pm, when Piper picked it up for a few hours.  Ava hung in there all day; by bedtime she was worn out but her tummy had settled down and she slept through the night.  Elliott picked it up pretty hard too and was in bed (with aches too) for most of the day.   Emma and I remain unharmed and I am so grateful that Emma was a trooper yesterday, hanging out on the floor most of the day while I alternated holding sicky bowls for various kids.  (When they are this young, they don't give me much warning.  I held Piper most of the time because her body spasm was usually the only indication something was about to happen.)  I caught up on watching the second season marathon of Sister Wives on TLC, as well as the newest episode of The Bachelor and a few other mind-numbing programs.  (It is my survival technique when everyone is extra needy and I need to dig up some extra compassion and patience, and didn't apologize to anyone for making them watch my programming choices.)

Today the girls are back to normal and I although I am not feeling sick, I am feeling rather tired (if I had known what yesterday held, I probably wouldn't have started yesterday at 5:45am) and their energy can seem even more exhausting.  Elliott stayed home from work again because we both agreed infecting everyone in the office would be a horrible thing to do (and I think he is still not 100%).

This morning I have gotten some Applesauce Granola made, which has been on my to-do list for ...  ummm ...  forever.  I had made it once before and it was so yummy.  Not only is it an excellent way to utilize my stash of homemade (free) applesauce, it has added nuts for protein in the morning.  I'd been dying to make it again as I plowed through my first batch and refused to share with others (well, that's not very nice Sarah).  The rest of the to-do list is light this week, and since I have decided not to send the girls to preschool this week (again, I don't want to infect anyone) and Bible Study doesn't start until next week, we are wide open.

I have been making progress on pulling my 3-month food supply together.  I spent much of New Year's Day getting my recipes in order and making a spreadsheet of how much I would need of each ingredient (I do menu-based planning).  This week also marks the start of Caselot Sales here in Utah, where you can buy items in bulk for a "deeper discount".  I am not sold on the "deeper discount" part, because I know that some of the items aren't the best deal, but if you want to pay a bit extra for convenience (shrink-wrapped boxes) I say go for it.  So anyway, I made the goal to get it together in time in case I want to take advantage of the Caselot Sale and will be looking at the ads on Wednesday to see what I need to purchase to round out our food storage.

Elliott decided yesterday (before he started throwing up) that he needed to go back on the Atkins diet to drop some weight, just in time for me to not be ready for it.  I had a menu plan all laid out for the next two weeks, which has now been thrown off thanks to illness and change in diets.  Guess I'll have something else to do today, huh?

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Jennifer B said...

So sorry about having sick kids. Not a fun way to start the year. Glad to hear that everyone seems to be feeling better.

I wasn't to impressed with the Smith's Caselot except the cheese (we go through a TON). The P&G deal is pretty great though.