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Ava had her "VIP Day" at preschool this month.  (It's when they celebrate her birthday.)  We were in charge of bringing the treat that day.  I made "ghost sticks" (pretzels dipped in white chocolate) and "pumpkin juice" (orange-flavored Crystal Light).  I wanted to make mummy juice boxes, but ran out of time.  Any guesses what I will be doing next year?

I had read a tip on Pinterest about a quick way to shred a bunch of chicken.  First cook it up in your Crock Pot...

Then throw it in your Kitchen Aid.  Turn it on for about 20 seconds and .. voila!  Shredded chicken! 

(See Ava "taking a picture" of me taking a picture? Ha ha ha!)

I used cold chicken and the tip says to use warm or hot.  I will say it IS better to avoid cold chicken.  It worked for me, but the consistency got a little mushier than I would've preferred.

Piper loves her plums!

Emma and Daddy having a conversation after Elliott got home from work.

Last week we headed down to Provo for a day so that I could pick some more plums (for baby food) and apples (for applesauce) from Jackie's house.  We also didn't have preschool that day because it was Fall Recess.  Turns out the Valgardson cousins were going to be at Grandma's house that day while Sarianna went to Salt Lake to have Rachel do her hair, so the girls got some fun playtime with their cousins (and Grandma of course).

Emma took such a long nap on Grandma's bed; I just had to take a picture of this sweetness.

 Last Saturday I let the girls pick out their own pumpkins at the farmers' market.  (It was simply easier than taking them to the pumpkin patch.)  And since I want to use them for pumpkin puree later on and I am not a fan of using a large knife with the kids' hanging over my shoulder, I let the girls paint them instead.  I learned a few years ago that this will make them go bad faster (maybe because the pumpkin skin can't breath anymore) so I wanted to do it when we didn't have to let them sit around for a month afterwards.

I redid the pictures in the front entry.  Since I now have four children and four beautiful frames... 

TA-DA!  Four gorgeous little girls.

Elliott dug up our first carrot last week.  We are waiting until after the first frost (which has now happened) to eat the rest as we are told they are sweeter, but Elliott just couldn't wait.

It was massive!

The countertop picture doesn't do it justice.

The girls are enjoying eating the carrot sticks I made out of it. I also plan on making some baby food for Emma with them too.

We also harvested the last of our green tomatoes before we lost them in the frost.  I suggested Elliott put them on the floor in the storage room (where they will slowly ripen).  The barrier was his contribution; I guess he thought they might run away.

Can you spot Lily?  I can't hardly either.  I had to take a picture of the way I discovered her sleeping the other night - head under the blanket, feet on her pillow.

Emma having a chat with Nana

And speaking of Emma...

What a cutie-patootie!  Can you believe she is two months old already?  Me neither.

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Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

I can't keep up with leaving comments on all your blog posts! I love the girls pictures in the square frames. It looks great! I hope to grow thumbilina carrots next year in a large pot. It must be so nice to have fresh veggies!