Catching Up Visually

Have you missed me? I've missed you! Life has been chugging along at lightening speed it seems. Piper is now three months old and Thanksgiving is a little over a week away, which means Christmas will be here before you know it. So before I get too far behind in documenting our adventures, enjoy a photo montage of what we have been up to:

I think Lily's hair in curly pigtails is the cutest thing in the world. Lots of hairspray later, this is the end result. It will last just a few minutes, before this happens...

...and out they come! But I got the picture!

Ava loves playing dress-up. Usually layering all of her princess dresses on top of each other. Then maddeningly making mommy take them all off because she "can't do it". Whatever, she can.

The girls enjoy laying in the empty pool in the backyard with their baby blankets, looking at clouds and leaves. Lily spotted me taking the picture and wanted in the shot.

When the weather was nicer the girls liked to have picnic lunches on the table I bought at a garage sale. Sometimes I joined them.

Ava got it in her head that she wanted to paint her pumpkin, which she did. (Did I show you this already?)

Ava got another princess dress from her favorite babysitter for her birthday. And loves it! She calls it her Sleeping Beauty dress (because it's pink).

After our last visit to Utah, we gleaned over a bushel of apples from Momma Kay's neighbor's apple tree. In turn they have now been processed into 14 quarts of yummy applesauce. When I was making it, Ava wanted to help so she was put in charge of turning the handle on the juicer, which pumped out the sauce and seperated it from the seeds and skin. She really was a good helper.

Piper is determined to be our thumbsucker inthe family. She is getting more control over her hands.

Lily likes to bring dirt in from the backyard. This is a big no-no but one morning I caught on a little too late to where she was putting the dirt. See the lovely pile going on her sister's head? I was a bad mommy and opted to take a picture before I rescued the baby...

...who got a bath later that night. She loves her bathtime!

What a cutie-patootie!

Our biggest news of all: Ava is potty-trained! Over a week ago I decided to let her run around the house all day without anything below the waist (since we would be home all day) and see what happened. She was nervous that she would have an accident and cried to wear a "baby diaper" for awhile. But I truly felt that the only holdback at this point was her own fear and I wanted to show her she could do it. Sure enough - she can! No accidents during the day and only one at night over the last 11 days. Even though I am glad to be rid of diapers with her, we have now entered a new phase of life: asking if she needs to go potty before we leave the house and knowing where the closest restroom is at all times.

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Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

When I saw the first photo of Lily I thought "why have I never seen her in pigtails?" then I saw the second photo. Too funny! I love the dress up pictures of Ava, she is such a smart girl. And the photos of Piper...oh my goodness. SO CUTE! You can't help but smile.