We had a really fun Halloween yesterday. Ava was Cinderella, Lily was a sheep, and Piper was a puppy. Ava kept asking Elliott and I what we were going to be and I would always answer "the mommy". I am so not creative when it comes to a costume for myself (completely ironic if you know that I did costume design for awhile in college).

Ava's costumer came courtesy of our neighbor, I made Lily's costume with inspiration from Martha Stewart (and input from Facebook friends), and Momma Kay found Piper's costume at a garage sale for $1 (hence saving me much time in making her into a tiger lily).

We went trick-or-treating with a friend in her neighborhood and the girls had a good time. In fact, Lily had a great time! She would go to every door, say "please", "thank you" and "bye-bye". She never slowed down - and we walked a ways! At one house there was a spider decoration out front and she started singing Itsy Bitsy Spider. So incredibly cute!

I have divided to candy into ones they can eat and ones they can't (like taffy and gum). Now if only I could stay out of the "can't eat" pile. The crazy thing is that I don't think they understand what a stash of candy they collected. They haven't spoken of it since we brought it home, just enjoying being dressed up and walking around with other kids. All the better I think.

All three of my girls

Don't you love the surreal-ness of me in photo with a sketch of me on the other side. Weirds me out a little. But Piper is so freakin' cute!

My little puppy dog


Can't you hear it? - "cheese!"


Babette said...

Oh how blessed you are! Your girls are all so 'freakin' cute:) I can clearly hear the 'cheese' with the last picture!!! Adorable, adorable, ADORABLE!!!!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

They all look adorable!!!and you look really pretty as "the mommy".
I see you snagged the hanging plates from the garage sale!

Skinner Family said...

I love the costumes! I too divide up the candy.... I eat a lot of the chocolates! :)