Decorating Our New Place

I have been working to make our new home feel like…. well, a home.  To that end, I think our fall wreath went up on the door the first week we were there.  (Ok, it helps that I labeled all the boxes well and knew exactly where it was.)  And little by little the house has been coming together.

I decided to build a wall of frames to incorporate not only photos but other memorabilia and artwork.  Only took me a day (and many, many extra nailholes) to lay it out and get it up on the wall.

Ta da!   I like the layout alot but have a long way to go until I get the pictures and artwork right.  And I am going to spray paint them all the same color – Rustoleum Heirloom White.

042 (2)
I am absolutely, solidly in love with this artwork in my kitchen.  I bought the print last May at the Casual Bloggers Conference and have been waiting to take it with me to IKEA to find it the perfect frame.

041 (2) 
And I also found the perfect place to put it.  This is the view from our dining table, where I sit at the computer during the day.  So essentially I am reminded to “Keep Calm and Carry On” throughout every moment of the day.  In a pretty yellow way.  Yep, I’m in love.  (Maybe one of these days I will take a picture of my kitchen when it isn’t looking like a disaster.  Maybe.)

These four framed photos line the entrance hall.  Although I am happy with them at the moment, I have been toying with turning them into some sort of family tree/genealogy artwork.  It’s still percolating in my brain.

I got our big family photo hung above the piano.  It’s the first thing you see when you walk in.  And yes, I need to update the photos.

I tweaked the piano-scape a little bit for fall.  I displayed varying heights of candlesticks (gift from my friend Lisa) with some real green and white mini squash and some glittery fake mini pumpkins.  After I took this photo I also added some jute twine bows to each of the candlesticks to make it a little more rustic, fall-like.  The hurricane I got from Pottery Barn awhile back and the framed prints are a Lisa discovery, courtesy of Betty Crocker Wannabe blog.  (I will also be making her turkey handprints for each of the girls, and her Christmas centerpieces, and her…)  It makes me happy.

In other parts of the house I have some fall leaves and pumpkins displayed.  I am enjoying the season.  And it wouldn’t be complete without this:

Run, do not walk to get yourself a Salt City Candle in candy Corn.  Yummy!  Nothing else says “homey” and “fall” like this candle.

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