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Many times as moments of life happen, I have taken to recording these snippets on Facebook.  Here’s some randomness that we have experienced this summer:

May 31
Piper was pretending to bite my leg. I told her "no bite!" a couple of times. So she put her stuffed "Huggy Bear" on my leg, laughed and said "Huggy bite!" What a jokester!

Just now Piper hears Ava and Lily arguing outside. She runs to the porch steps and yells at them "Kids! Kids! No!"

June 11
Back to UT, exhausted but elated. Piper met me at the airport and once she was latched on there was no getting her off. Arms so tight around my neck, melting into me = one happy, much-loved mommy. Can't wait to love on the other two when they wake up in the morning.

June 12
Darn that Elliott for keeping ice cream in the house. I have no willpower! None!

June 15
Cruised through a book today. It's my idea of a perfect day when the kids play nicely with each other while I "interact" from my reading position on the couch. We all win!

June 17
Half an hour after putting her to bed for the night, Piper is still going strong (loudly) singing songs to herself. So far I have heard "Wheels on the Bus", "The Farmer in the Dell", and "Bye Baby Bunting" (all of which I sang tonight) mingled with extensive one-sided conversations.

June 19
Just tried to hide some overripe bananas in a fruit salad for the girls, along with blueberries, grapes, and raspberry syrup. That backfired. Guess what fruit went uneaten?

June 22
Took a walk with the girls today and passed a house with a cute zebra print chair near the front window. I suddenly wanted to be friends with the person that lives there.

June 25
Some fun garage sale finds today. I love being driven by the hubby and directed by the GPS. All I have to do is concentrate on getting bargains!

June 27
Brewing red raspberry leaf tea (for pregnancy) and making some homemade, organic aphid killer out of garlic and hot peppers. I feel all pioneer-y.

My mom is amazing in that she does the laundry. I am not so amazing in that I am now staring down a two-week pile of clean clothes I need to put away in the girls' room (since I didn't put it away last week either) and wondering where in the heck to begin??!!

June 30
The amazing power of cookies! Promising them after naps got Lily and Piper straight off to bed without so much as a peep.

July 1
I just told Elliott that if we switch the girls' bedrooms (which means we might have to disassemble the beds) it saves me from buying under bed storage bins for them. Hmmm... is money a motivating factor for some elbow grease? I think so!

July 4
Couple more projects down. Re-slipcovered the recliner (nursing) chair which has been bugging me for two years and am taking advantage of the 99 prints for $.99 from Snapfish to finish Piper's First Year scrapbook (a gift from her Aunt Tracy).

July 5
Girls are a little clingy today. Guess they get to run my errands with me. This will now take 3x as long. Good thing I love them (and am having a good morning)!

I am all out of self-canned salsa and pickles. I didn't think it was possible! But it makes me feel very glad we are actually USING what I am preparing. Hope my cukes and tomatoes come through for me this summer (they are looking awesome right now so I think they will).

July 6
Ava: "Oh no! Giraffe's neck bone is sick. And if her neck bone is sick she can't breathe and she will die!"

New baby's awake time every day is between 10-11pm. I guess that's because that's the time of night I FINALLY sit still, so the movement stops and she thinks it's time to wake up. I have to wait her out before I can go to sleep.

July 8
I did it! I successfully made mozzarella!! And it is SOOO yummy!

July 9
Piper would NOT go to sleep before 10pm last night, was up from 5-6am (I tried to get her back to sleep) and seems she's up for the day at 7am. I hope I can get her to take two naps today!!

July 10
Just switched the girls' bedrooms. It was a bit of work (and not done yet) but Elliott and I are in agreement - it is MUCH better this way!

July 11
I think the first day of Vacation Bible School did Lily in. I am waiting until after she has a nap to hear all about it.

I know Elliott's working long hours too these days for budget season, but I would really like to be off the clock to by 10pm. That Piper is a stinker these days!

July 12
Had zero luck finding fabric I liked for any of my projects at the stores I visited today. I did however only spend $4 for materials to make a shelf/night table for Ava and Lily's room.

July 13
Piper will use anything as a pretend phone (laptop battery, her own fist, a compact mirror). Right now she is using a studfinder I had out for a project.

Hard drive on laptop just crashed. Had to restart with factory settings, losing all personal docs/pics. "Luckily" I had downloaded all 2010 photos to the free drive, but I am now out whatever 2011 photos are not on the blog.  Boo!

July 14
Food I've made today: blueberry muffins, loaf of bread, corn salad, beef brisket, rosemary potato pancakes, bread pudding. I'm tired.

Bread pudding, where have you been all of my life?

July 17
Finally saw "Super 8" last night and it was all it was supposed to be. LOVED IT!

I was a little under the weather today. Here's hoping tomorrow is better! I've got stuff to do!

July 18
I am just not good at taking it easy when I am sick. 9 jars of homemade raspberry jelly (thanks Momma Kay) and two batches of homemade rolls for the oven (and thanks to my mom for the bread machine). And kept using the Purell and washing my hands throughout in case anyone is concerned.

July 19
Baby swing ordered. Closet organized with diapers and clothes. Just over a month to go. I'm not a planner or anything. :)

Don't know why I am policing the imaginary tea party. If they want to drink tea like dinosaurs instead of ladies, what should I care?

July 21
Baking some muffins for our overnight Kay camping trip and gonna sew up some pillows later. The nesting continues....

July 22
Making all three girls take naps or "no camping trip!" Maybe that will do the trick.

I am thinking the next room that needs a makeover is my sewing room. Not like all of the other rooms in my house are semi-finished or anything, but I am getting so much great inspiration via Pinterest that I feel the need to start new projects.

July 28
Google Reader and I just spent some lovely time together. Found discounted nursing tanks, cheap movies, half price tire and car battery, and cheap milk. What a good day!

It's SO nice to have Elliott home before 11pm!

July 30
Just... ate... too... much... ice... cream...

August 1
I love the first of the month cause Hulu updates their Bravo TV offerings. I'm so shallow!

This morning Piper said “No mommy, you no tell me no!”  Oh boy!

August 4
God bless tuna burgers.

Although I am upset at myself for letting my tiredness and crankiness run away from me on my sweet girls, I hope that what I teach them from my mistakes is that you should never be too proud to admit them and ask forgiveness.

August 5
After four hours shopping today, then a lunch break, got my 50's housewife (slippered and pregnant) self into the kitchen to process my green beans, homemade pesto, make homegrown cucumber-tomato salad and zucchini stir fry for dinner, and start prepping the 28# of strawberries I bought today for the freezer. Yes, I am 36 weeks pregnant AND laughing at myself as I type this.

August 11
What a luxury to go to the movies by myself in the middle of the day. Thanks mom for watching the girls for me!

August 15
Tonight I tried to punish Ava by removing the rest of her dessert, to which she calmly handed it to me and said "That's fine, I was done with it anyway". Ava 1, Mom 0.

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Tracy said...

HA! I'm not so good at checking up with you on FB so it's good to have a recap of some of life's more amusing moments. I especially love the "tea party" comment on July 19--how funny! Your writing style is a hoot but it even pales in comparison with the 3 lovely subjects you write about and soon to be a 4th. Can't wait to meet her...but less enthusiastic about creating ANOTHER scrapbook :) Maybe you will start getting homemade picture frames each time you bear another child...
Love you tons!