Piper's Broken Leg

Isn't she stylin'?
Yep, Piper is sporting a beautiful hot pink cast these days, thanks to her habit of jumping off of things. And she now holds our family record for the first broken bone.

Last Tuesday we were downstairs in the basement. I was sewing in my sewing room and the girls were playing in the family room. Next thing I know Piper is screaming and as I run to her I see her lying flat on the floor, liked she had belly-flopped straight off the kiddie table. She continued shrieking and favoring her right leg while I tried to calm her down, cuddling and consoling. After about an hour she was still distraught and exhausted, so I laid her down and she slept for a couple hours.

When she woke up it was evident that she had hurt her right leg/foot/ankle. She wouldn't put any weight on it, just wanting to be carried and cuddled. I was sure she had just sprained something and it would wear off. Wednesday morning she was still pretty whiny and sore, but after her nap she started crawling around and even standing gingerly (though not walking). Thursday she had regressed a bit and wouldn't put any weight on it, though she was cheerful enough. The puzzler for me was that there was very minimal swelling and I could manipulate her toes, ankle, foot, and knee without her complaining so I couldn't figure out what exactly was bothering her.

By this point Elliott and my mom were thinking I should take her to the doctor to get checked out (for piece of mind if nothing else) and though I was still convinced it was simply a sprain and would heal, I called and got an appointment. Our doctor has an X-ray machine in office, so after the doctor did a preliminary exam he sent us over for an X-ray to rule out a break.

No such luck.
The X-ray clearly showed a clean fracture straight across her tibia, almost two inches above her ankle. The doctor told us this was an uncommon place for a break but that her fracture was very clean (no jagged edges) and the bone had no space between the break, so it should heal very quickly. He said she would need to wear a a cast for 6 weeks, but had high hopes that she would start walking in it after a week or two. We picked out pink, which I pointed out to Piper that it was her favorite color, and although she was a little nervous during the casting, she quickly started patting her "sock" and saying "it's my favorite!".

She was very excited to show it off to everyone ("the doctor put it on" she told us) and her sisters thought the pink was pretty cool. The first night she talked about wanting to take it off, but hasn't mentioned it since. It has now been almost one week and she gets around like it's no big deal. She still crawls alot, but is quickly starting to feel comfortable enough to put weight on it; she is crawling back up on things like beds and couches in her cast, and standing for periods of time while playing. I have no doubt that she will indeed be walking with her cast in no time.

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Tracy Lindley said...

Wow, when did Piper get so gorgeous? Did you recently get her hair cut because she just looks stunning in this pic, cast and all. But her Auntie Tracy could just be a little biased...Anyway, hope she's healing quickly and good call getting her to the doc ;)