Monday Love

I actually love Mondays!  I try to keep both Mondays and Fridays free froms scheduled activities to allow us time to recuperate, catch-up and reconnect.  Since I haven't been feeling 100% lately I haven't really been in any sort of a groove, but today feels like one of the most normal in quite awhile.  The girls have been playing, building, and imagining all day (which I love to witness) and I got some baking done for the freezer.  I put up a double batch of pancakes, a batch of blueberry muffins, two loaves of bread and Baked Oatmeal for breakfasts this week.  I have the dry ingredients mixed up for a triple batch of waffles and two boxes of cookie mix sitting on the counter, awaiting another burst of energy.

There is a steady light spring rain coming down right now, but it is expected to turn to snow later today.  As much as I don't really want snow, I will be awfully mad if it stays as springlike as it is.  You see, I have been garden-planning and am getting antsy to get out in the beds and put in some seeds, but since they said it was going to snow I did not do anything this weekend.  The main planting season in Utah seems to begin in mid-May (a bit later due to the higher altitude) but I wanted to try and put in some cool weather plants - such as lettuce, spinach, and peas - and as I watch the rain pitter patter down I can't help but think what a lovely start my seeds would be getting right now if I they had been planted this weekend.  So it had better snow.

I have watched Julie and Julia two times today, letting it run in the background while I baked and the girls played.  Netflix says it will stop offering it for instant streaming tomorrow so I am trying to get a last fix.

My food processor died last week and today I went downstairs and dug out the receipt and warranty information.  I discovered the warranty was only for one year and I am nearing three.  So I know what I will be asking for for my birthday next month!

I'll leave you with some other moments recorded via Facebook this week:

* "Get out of my imagination if you aren't going to play with me..... please." (Ava to Lily)

* I shouldn't have been sent to the grocery store. I came home with an extra donut and pint of ice cream (all for me of course).

*  Tonight at dinner Piper was wiggly. I said "Piper, put your legs down". She screamed back "NO! I WANT A BA-BA (bottle)!". Such sass (and sentences) all I could do was laugh into my napkin.

*  I keep asking "who's gonna be 3 tomorrow?" to which Lily will always scream "ME!", point to her chest and give the biggest grin. Yep, milking that for all it's worth...

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