Doctor Visits

In the past week we have been to the doctor twice but all for good.  Piper was due for her 18 month well-check and Lily went in for her 3 year well-check.

Piper aced her check-up.  Her weight was in the 50% percentile (average of kids her age) but her height was in the 95% percentile, meaning she is taller than 95% of kids her age.  All of our girls have been in the 90% percentile for height, owing to their parents height; they are on target to be as tall as mommy, which is about 5’10”. 

When the doctor started running down the checklist of skills an 18 month old should have, there were several key areas where Piper was off the charts.  First, she is going up and down stairs like an adult – upright.  I can’t get her to sit down anymore; she has to be a big girl just like her sisters.  Usually kids her age are just now starting to figure out stairs and are not as agile as she is.  Second, her verbal skills are on par with a 2 year old, with full sentences and more words every day.  (Today she held her hand up to me and said “stop!”)  And lastly, the doctor was quite impressed with her imagination and pretending skills.  She said this is a skill that usually develops around age 2.

Piper has great role-models in her older sisters and tries to keep up with them, which is the main reason she is as advanced as she is.  After this well-check and this rate of advancement, I think that if baby #4 is a girl she will be performing algebra by age 5.

Lily too passed her check-up with flying colors (are we surprised?).  She was in the 75% percentile in both weight (33.5 pounds) and height (37.5 inches).  A few special moments stood out when the doctor started running down her 3 year old checklist.  First, the doctor was amazed that Lily knew her letters (which I think she has known for a year) and drilled her using some books in the room.  When I told the doctor that Lily was already starting to practice phonics she was astonished.  She even commented on Lily’s speech abilities and her use of sentences. 

Second, the doctor asked Lily to breath in and out so she could listen to her lungs and heart, which Lily did quite well on command.  The doctor said almost all other 3 year olds just look at her in befuddlement when she asks them to do that and she was astounded Lily understood and followed the command.

Even at home they have been progressing through more milestones.  Lily sent her pacifier (i.e. binky) away with the “Binky Fairy” on her third birthday to her new cousin Baby Rose.  She had a rough couple of nights when it went away but is now a champ and a real big girl.  I think she has now hit so many large milestones: she dresses herself, is potty-trained, wears big girl panties, speaks well, plays well, and now doesn’t need a binky anymore.

Piper too has been progressing away from babyhood at a lightening pace.  One of the big milestones in the last couple of weeks has been no more midnight bottle and sleeping through the night.  I know this is something we should have tried to break awhile ago, but it just seemed to drag on and I had had enough.  We got a head start when she slept through the night on her own for two days straight, so on the third I stuck to my guns and refused her a bottle.  After that is has been fairly easy.  If she’s thirsty I will give her a drink of water and she will get a quick cuddle.  But then back to bed and she will fall right back asleep.  The transition was much smoother than I thought it would be and I couldn’t be happier.

I am so proud of all my girls and how bright, quick and joyful they always are.   I can’t wait to see more!


Tracy Lindley said...

It sounds like you have a very thorough and encouraging pediatrician--I like how he took time to really talk to you and quiz the girls so they can show off a little. They're both so bright (but I'm not at all surprised). Thanks for posting how they're doing--it's great to see the milestones! Love ya!

Camille said...

It's so hard for me to imagine little Piper TALKING! :-)