Random Piper Thoughts

Today we had a moment that, looking back, could've turned very bad.  We have a storm door and a front door both, but the storm door doesn't quite latch.  On the days when I open the main door to let in the sunlight I lock the storm door.  However today I forgot.  And guess where Nana found Piper when she came home from walking the dogs - on the OUTSIDE of the front door, banging to be let back in!  I was cleaning windows in the bedroom and heard Piper banging on a door, but assumed she had shut herself into the laundry room again (yeah, she does that alot).  Anyway, she was pitifully banging on the front door when we rescued her and at the time thought it more funny than anything else.  But the truth is setting in - and I know what a bullet we dodged.  Sometimes I think "What if she had just wandered off?  How long would it have taken me to notice?"  And then I realize I don't want to think about it!  And I remind myself to lock the door at all times.


While I was putting away the "Outgrown Clothes" bin I discovered a pair of Elmo slippers Ava had when she was little.  Piper is obsessed with Elmo right now (which is really funny when you consider we don't watch Sesame Street) and so I gave them to her to wear.  I think I may have scored some "Best Mom Ever" points.  Her face lit up and she pranced around the room, taking breaks to sit down and give Elmo a kiss, before walking around some more.  She loves Elmo!!


For lunch on Monday we had leftover Lily birthday cake (from an early celebration at Grandma and Grandpa's).  Piper gobbled hers up and said "I want cake! More Momma!" (Seriously, full sentences people!)  When we told her "no" she completely melted down. "I want cake!"  Sometimes being able to understand everything she says is both a blessing and a curse.  She has recently been saying poo-poo (to tell us she's dirty), eat, dip (for her food), Melmo (her aforementioned love Elmo), as well as people's names (Aba, Lily, Piper, dadda, momma, Nana).

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Tracy Lindley said...

Wow--that totally sounds like something I could have done! Don't worry, just be thankful to God for watching over your precious little girl. I'm amazed at how advanced her speech is! Levi is going to be 2 in April and is still not stringing whole sentences together other than stuff like "Need milk" or "Hide, Mama" which I'm not sure qualifies. And he's always yammering about Elmo too though we don't watch that dumb show either. I think he's picking it up from DVR'd episodes he watches at Grandpa's. Anyways, great to hear all she's up to--love the updates! Love, Aunt Tracy