Goals of 2010: A Recap

This time last year I came up with my list of “10 Things to Accomplish in 2010.”  I loved having this list!  It kept me focused throughout the year when I would get a little sidetracked or wonder “what do I do now?”.  Not everything was accomplished 110%, but I discovered that goals and I are best buddies.  I do so well when I have something I am working towards.  I’ll be sharing my list for 2011 with you shortly, but for now I will take an honest look at how I did on my goals for 2010:

10 Things to Accomplish in 2010

1.  Focus on buying more organic or local groceries

At the beginning of the year I expressed a desire to try to live a little greener and talked especially about added hormones in milk.  Throughout 2010 I was two steps forward, one step back.  I discovered that most major milk brands found at chain grocery stores do not have added hormones (so they say) and although they are not “organic” I felt comfortable being aware of this fact and continuing to let my girls drink it (for now).  During the year Elliott and I did purchase a local Utah cow for our beef and hit the farmers markets whenever possible.  I have to say, it was definitely easier when we moved to Utah to stick to the “buying local” idea, as they have a fantastic farmers market down the road from us every Saturday.

When I get down on myself for not doing better, I look at my little scorecard for areas of my life that I did “go green”er in: during 2010 I stopped buying paper napkins (cloth only), chicken broth (homemade), jams and jellies (homemade), margarine (butter only now) and Splenda.  I also did better at remembering to bring my reusable shopping bags to the store with me.

2.  Complete my daily Bible journal (that I got last year for a present)

This was my one big fat fail for the year.  Why is this area so hard for me?  One page a day and I still struggle.  Well, one thing to put back on the list for 2011.  I did however attend Bible Study regularly, so I did not neglect this area of my life completely.

3.  Master the art of breadmaking (and possibly pie crusts)

I did this!  I don’t know if I would say “mastered”, but after another tutorial with Momma Kay I have been making our family’s bread from scratch every week.  I didn’t really get to the piecrusts, but just because I don’t really want to have a plethora of sweets around.

I also expressed the desire to learn how to make my own yogurt, cheese, and dressings.  This too was a solid accomplishment.  We have been having homemade yogurt and dressings regularly at our house, forgoing the store bought.  Cheese was harder for me, but after discussing it with several people we decided that the store bought milk I was using was actually ultra-pasteurized (although not labeled as such) and hence wouldn’t set.  So I am still working on this one.

4.  Visit a State Fair

We made the (short) trek to the Utah State Fair in August.  Done and done!

5.  Attend a Continuing Education class

I had toyed with the idea of Le Cordon Bleu in Las Vegas or a University Extension class, even a BYU summer program.  In the end I attended a few classes in November at the Oh Sweet Sadie Academy on using Photoshop and Microsoft Publisher.  Better than nothing!

6.  Attend a blog conference

At the end of May I attended (and had a great time!) the first annual Casual Bloggers Conference outside Salt Lake City.  I can’t wait for the one in 2011!

7.  Attend my MFA reunion

The entire family made the trek to Cedar City, Utah for a few days the beginning of August to reconnect with my dear friends from graduate school.  I even had an extra day with my BFF’s Katy and Holly (and their spouses) when they flew into Las Vegas.  It was a magical experience to feel as if no time had passed but to see how far we have all come.  Awesome.

8.  Go on a family vacation

This didn’t happen.  Unless you count moving to another state and living in someone else’s basement for awhile.  Then I guess that counts.  Elliott and I did have a little vacation with just the two of us right before Christmas (more on that to come), which is not quite taking everyone but an awful lot more enjoyable.

9.  Lose 10 pounds

Seems so easy, but I just held steady.  That is an accomplishment in a way I suppose, to not gain weight.  I don’t feel bad about it though.  It was never a huge priority.  I did join the YMCA for awhile (before we left Vegas) and was exercising regularly, toning up, feeling healthy.  That is more important than a number on a scale.

10.  Read one book per month

I don’t think I have an actual tally of how many books I read, but I know I kept a steady pace and visited our library frequently, so I must have been doing something right!

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