Firehouse Christmas Party

Grandpa Kay was a firefighter paramedic with the Provo Fire Department his entire life.  He retired a few years ago, but still makes the social rounds (we enjoyed the annual pool party and BBQ with them this summer) and we were invited to join his old station’s Christmas party this year, complete with a visit from Santa.  The Valgardson family came too, so Grandma and Grandpa had 7 little grandchildren to show off to everyone.  I think they loved it.

There were yummy treats and Elf playing on a large screen, a perfect combination when you want to plant little kids somewhere and keep them entertained for a minute (plus Elf is one of my favorite movies - not just holiday movies – alltime favorite movies).|

When Santa arrived we were already near the end of a pretty long line waiting to see him, but Santa led us in singing some songs first (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer) which roused everyone’s spirits and we patiently waited our turn, chatting and catching up amongst ourselves.

The two big girls were excellent with Santa and so excited to tell them what they wanted for Christmas (puzzles!) – and to receive their stocking stuffed to the gills with goodies (I am pretty sure that’s why Lily was so well-behaved for so long, with the goody bag promise hanging over her head.  She told me she was going to ask Santa for candy but I assured her she would get candy, so go ahead and ask Santa for something else.)

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Piper was not as thrilled about Santa.  But that makes for some excellent screaming baby photos!


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