Crafty Christmas Gifts

Yes, these ideas are a little late.  But better late than never, right? 

Elliott needed some treats for office stocking stuffers and I saw this idea in the December issue of Martha Stewart Living, to make Hershey’s bars into snowmen and Santa Claus’.


To make the snowmen, I wrapped the Hershey’s in freezer paper because I had it, but you can use any white paper.


For the Santa Claus’, I used red and tan construction paper and to make the wrapper.

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For the hat, make another rectangular wrapper, then fold the sides in to create the triangle.

Somewhere along the way I forgot to take pictures of the next steps, but here’s the finished product:

The snowmen got little coal eyes and mouths (via crayon) and a little orange construction paper carrot nose.  Finish it off with a colorful yarn scarf.

The Santa Claus’ received a white construction paper beard (cut with scalloped scissors), rosy cheeks and black eyes (again via crayon) and a little red smile.  Glue a pom-pom on top.

I was really happy with how they turned out.  Wouldn’t you like to pull one of these out of your stocking?

For another crafty Christmas gift, I put together a little goody box of  home canned treats – marinara sauce, green tomato salsa, apricot jelly and applesauce – for a dear friend. 

To dress them up a bit I cut some jaunty fabric scraps to cover the lids.


I found a spare little box running around the basement and used spray adhesive attach some scrap drop cloth canvas to recover it.  Then I glued ribbon around the outside which said “Homemade for You” (which I picked up for pennies at Hallmark last year and have been dying to use).

To finish it off I made a poinsettia out of some scrap felt and glued it on the front.  A wonderfully thoughtful, personal present which cost me nothing but my time.  I hope she liked it as much as I liked making it!

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Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

I am thrilled to have some of your canned goodies, but to receive them in this gorgeous box was icing on the cake!!! You know what's funny, I didn't notice until you just pointed it out that the ribbon said homemade for you, Doy! I love the whole thing!!! Grant was excited when he saw the jam and said "you'll have to make my lunches with that, Sarah makes good jelly!"