We’re Here!

We have officially made the move from Las Vegas to Utah.  And I am loving it!!  As I type this I am sitting on Momma Kay’s front porch glider, enjoying a cool breeze (high of 81 today) and watching Ava play dress-up with three new friends as the other neighbor kids ride bikes up and down the street and neighbor moms hang out and visit on their lawn.  Wow, this is pretty awesome!

As far as moving goes I have to give myself a pat on the back.  I had everything boxed and ready to go when our helpful local LDS missionaries came at 7:30am last Tuesday.  We had rented a POD for moving and it was resting patiently in our driveway to be loaded.  The teensy problem I encountered was: I ORDERED ONE THAT WAS TOO SMALL.  It was loaded very quickly with the help of the missionaries and then Elliott’s brother Josh, who is an excellent packer and managed to load that POD within an inch of its life.  Seriously, nothing else would’ve fit in there.  We were still left with quite a bit in the garage and have been making strategic decisions about what to bring back with us on trips to Vegas.  Elliott made the first trip last weekend, just a quickie up and back.  Next week and the week after that, he will again drive to Vegas to do some per diem work with his old employer.  So he will bring some stuff back on those two trips.  Then Mom and Dad will be going to Vegas to visit Lizzie after her baby is born (yeah!) and have offered to bring back anything we have left.  And after that I am done.  If it is still in the house it will be the new owners problem.  Or blessing if they need a fridge.  Cause that doesn’t fit in a van.

We are getting settled in at Mom and Dad’s house while Elliott gets set with a steady employer.  We are grateful for the per diem work during the job hunt and to be able to stay at his parents’ house.    All three girls are sharing a bedroom and are complete champs.  They have actually been sleeping in (!) and napping well together.  

Mom and Dad have a huge garden which the girls love to help with and we enjoy eating fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and beans most days, topped off with blackberries or apricots for dessert.  We got to see siblings and their families last night, along with Grandma Jerry, enjoying some good family time  Life is simpler and therefore better.

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Tracy Lindley said...

YAY for the simple life!!! I'm glad you guys made it and life is so grand. It's summertime and the living is easy, right? Love you, sis! Give my nieces kisses for me and tell them I think they are awesome for being such good sleepers--they deserve Princess Medals!