No Longer a Baby

Officially we no longer have a baby in the house.  Piper has joined the ranks of toddler-hood.  One week it’s one step, today it’s her preferred mode of transportation. *sigh*  Yes, my womb aches just a little.  But Elliott’s aches more.   Ha ha ha!

Piper is walking.  Alot.  Everywhere.  She is very stable and will stop and steady herself if she feels the need.  Elliott and are continually amazed at her confidence and determination, something I am sure we felt for each of the others girls as well.

Piper loves to throw food.  Swipe it off her tray.  Find new and unusual ways to not swallow food.  Her favorite at the moment is to just continue babbling away, so that her mouth is always open and I am unable to make the food stay in.  If by some miracle I do manage to keep something in, or at least I think I do, and she changes her mind she simply spits and becomes a fountain of pureed peas.

Piper talks constantly.  You get the impression that she actually knows the story she is trying to tell you as she babbles away at you.  She also grins and laughs all of the time.  Except when it comes time to hand her over to someone else, like church nursery workers.  Then she becomes a Stage 5 clinger, a little monkey crawling up my neck and hanging on for dear life lest I should untangle her and pass her over.
Piper is transitioning to one nap.  Honestly I like this development.  Sometimes she gets a bit cranky mid-morning, but if you keep her stimulated she can make it until an early lunch, followed by her one nap.  Syncing up her nap with Lily’s has been incredibly productive for me and gives Ava a little peace and quiet (whether she wants it or not).

IMG_5354color Piper likes to cruise the kitchen, trying all of the doors to check (and double-check) and see if they are still baby-proofed.  Unfortunately for me, not all of them have held up through baby #3.  And of course she finds the unlatched doors in no time at all.   And of course the one whose current latch is broken holds the recycling, so then she enjoys pulling out cans and bottles.


Piper loves to receive hugs and kisses from her sisters at bedtime.  And they love to give them.  Even Lily, who was not as maternal as Ava at the beginning (her personality more than her age), now enjoys chatting with Lily and giving her bedtime love.


MommyJ said...

Your girls are all so adorable, and I LOVE the name Piper.

I'm finally visiting all the blogs/bloggers I met at CBC. The only excuse I have is finally four months old, so my life is settling down a bit!

Amy said...

You have beautiful girls. I too love the name Piper.. I think I may have to steal it if I ever have another girl. I decided to follow your blog because I was at a Ladies Get Together and your sister was talking about how she loves reading your blog (Tracy). I too have a blog and find it wonderful to read about other christian mothers and there babes. Glad to have found your blog! :o)

FindSavings said...

My daughter loves to babble too! I sometimes think that in their heads they are speaking our language, but when it comes out, it is foreign. At least, this is the story I am telling myself when my daughter Peyton gets going.