Moving Forward and Upward

You know how things keep moving on and you think “doesn’t everyone already know about that?” ?  I get caught up in this all of the time and then I realize that there are people who read this blog who I am not Facebook friends with, related to, talk to daily, etc.  This is a public forum and the public doesn’t know the latest.  And there is a lot.  So buckle up!

Utah Valley
The biggest news right now is that we are moving.  To Utah!  Although details have yet to completely solidify, so far God has been opening doors and giving us a complete peace about our decision.  The timing seems right.  Our house is in the final (final) stages of closing on our short sale (hopefully by September) and as we were looking to move into a new place we opened up the possibility of really moving.  We’ve been talking about it for awhile (most of you know that) and as we looked to the calendar we thought of other things – wanting to move before winter, before Ava starts preschool, before we think about expanding our family more.  Everything just lined up.  Elliott and I played devil’s advocate for each other for four days straight, I prayed hard about it, and when the dust settled we had a peace about the decision so Elliott gave 30 days notice at work.

The plan is that we will be staying with Elliott’s parents in Provo, who have generously allowed us to temporarily park at “the mother ship” while Elliott looks for employment.  Yes folks, we are moving without a job.  BUT nobody wants to hire out of state and the only way to get in the door is to be available, locally.   And not only will Elliott then be local, he is also a native and will start networking immediately.  Once we find a position we will move into our own place; we are waiting to rent until we know what part of the valley Elliott will be working in so as to lessen his commute as much as possible.

We are extremely excited about this move and the direction our lives are taking.  We are moving to simplify our lives (urban homesteading style, something much more difficult to do in the desert) and focus on what’s important – our family, immediate and extended.  The girls will get to see their grandparents on a regular basis, something we treasure for them.

Stay tuned for even more big news!

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Skinner Family said...

That is very exciting news! I'm very excited for you guys!