Girls Growing Up


The other day I needed to change Lily’s diaper but she didn’t want to leave the living room for fear that Piper would steal her toys.  So I just brought Piper along with us to the bedroom to keep her occupied during the diaper change.  I set her down beside Lily and thought I would be silly.  So I said to Lily in a sing-song voice “Piper says I want to talk to Lily.  I love Lily.”  To which Lily replied, also in a falsetto sing-song voice “Piper says I no want to talk to Lily.”  Yep, I am now having fake pretend arguments with my kids.


Piper has discovered the joys of throwing things now: overboard from her crib, swiping food off her high chair, and even chucking things while sitting on the floor.  We discovered though the other day a productive side to this obsession.  The girls and I were visiting my friend Kim, who has a yellow lab named Daisy (and I will pause here to say the girls love Daisy!)  Daisy is a cheerful, goofy girl who loves to play fetch and discovered a willing playmate in Piper.  Daisy would bring her a toy and drop it in front of Piper, who would pick it up and throw it a little ways.  This happened over and over for quite awhile until one of them grew tired of the game (it wasn’t the furry one).  But Daisy didn’t give it one last effort.  About 15 minutes later I laid Piper down on the floor and gave her a bottle.  While she lay there drinking it, Daisy came over and laid the toy on Piper’s belly then stepped back as if to say “ok, go ahead and throw it.”  It was the funnest game to watch!

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