I opened my latest Pottery Barn catalog last night and found a few things I fell in love with. I think my obsession is rooted in my "I can do that!" attitude. Not so much the tablescapes or mantle makeovers, but sewing or crafting are my game.

Chalkboard Platters
I know these have been around the blogosphere awhile, but since I already have a small container of chalkboard paint at home and you can find large plates pretty easily at thrift stores (and then spray paint for appropriate color) I fell in lust.

Nest Pillow
How cute is this graphic? I thought I could recreate (or refashion) it in a paint program, then print it out on iron-on fabric. Or freezer paper stenciling. Or maybe even a bit of embroidery. Hmmm...

Number Pillows
How graphically cute are these? Again, I think I would freezer paper stencil the front large number then do the iron-on graphic for the back.

I have also found a couple of other things I wanted to share with you non-Pottery Barn related:

Amy Butler Towels
Remember when I told you about the gorgeous magnets my friend Lisa made me for Christmas? And how they are by one of my fav designers Heather Bailey? Well another one of my favorite fabric designers is Amy Butler and she now has a line of towels at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I am in LOVE! And when I went over to the BBB website I discovered she has coordinating bedding. This could be dangerous folks. But seriously, who wants to send me their old BBB coupons? I can't find mine!Looking Glass Spray Paint
I spotted this product on another creative soul's blog last week and just kept thinking about all of the fun things you could do with it. She used it to transform clear glass votives into mercury glass by using this spray paint and then spritzing the paint with a bit of water to make it look like mercury glass. Heaven! Just now I went to the Krylon website to find a picture of the can for you and discovered all of the other fantabulous products they have. I think spray paint and I are going to have a torrid affair this year.

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Lisa said...

I love the Pottery Barn stuff too!! So, so much! You better be careful your inching into shabby chic territory! :)