Menu Plan Monday / Challenge Check-In

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Fiesta Bake, Spanish rice, salad

Tuesday: manicotti, homemade French breadsticks, salad

Wednesday: leftovers

Thursday: CrockPot beef roast with veggies, corn cakes

Friday: BBQ beef sandwiches on homemade rolls, homemade french fries

Saturday: Greek beef & orzo, salad

Sunday: leftovers OR BBQ

Challenge Check-In

Last week's grocery bill
: $14.94

Monthly grocery bill (so far): $14.94

Items I cheated on: none (hooray!)

Food deals I passed on (and was sad but determined): cheap crab meat packets, Cheerios, probably lots of other Manager Special meat deals, but I didn't go into the stores/down those aisles

Other deals I did buy: free Electrosol (I have learned NOT to buy cheap dishwasher detergent. It just doesn't work for me!)

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Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

You go girl! I am participating too. Spent $9.24 this week =)