Now What?

Christmas is over and a new year is here? Wow, that happened fast! But everything seems to happen fast around here. The girls are just growing up right before our eyes. Every week brings something new and exciting.
Piper will be five months this month and is a tall, wiggle, smiley bundle of joy. She has started to get quite vocal, but there are some days she simply watches and doesn't say a thing. She has found her voice but she is choosing when to use it.

I have been feeding her cereal in the evening and after a shaky start she is now a champion eater. The other night I made a bowlful, fully expecting much of it to be left at the end, but she polished it all off! I kept exclaiming to Elliott "look at how much she's eating", I just couldn't believe it!

Her sleeping habits are still a little rough, as she sleeps best from 7am-11am. Why can't it be earlier I want to know? I am not a night owl, so her habits are a bit trying for me but we are working on it. She is firmly wearing size 6 month clothes and even some 9 month outfits; she is just so long!

For playtime she loves her Excersaucer and grabbing at toys on the ground or dangling above her from the playmat. She loves being on her tummy too, and will just hang out all day watching her sisters and her mommy come and go around her. She lights up whenever Lily or Ava pays any attention to her and simply loves to be around people.

Lily continues to speak in more full sentences all of the time. Her favorites at the moment are "what's that noise?" and "I don't want to." She makes us laugh with how articulate she is. She discovered how to climb out of her crib a few weeks ago, so now we leave the bar on her crib down at night so she can come and go without the risk of her trying to climb over the bar. This has proved a challenge in its own right, for the freedom is oh so tempting to her and we can hear her out and about after the door is shut for bedtime.

Lily practices saying "cheese" with her crazy wild curly hair (seriously untameable at the moment)

Even Ava has discovered a way to prolong bedtime - the use of "I need to go potty". Sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn't. But it seems every night after the bedtime routine is done and the door is shut, out pops one of the two girls. I swear, it seems to take longer and longer each night before they actually stay in their beds and sleep.

Our Christmas decorations are all down now and in the place of the Christmas tree I brought in the Little Tykes picnic table from outside. I am hoping it becomes a central place for coloring activities and somewhere they like hanging out at. Now if I could only convince Lily to not color on it (note to self: invest in some more Mr. Clean Magic Erasers).

Our New Year's Eve was pretty uneventful as I pooped out and went to bed early. I have been having a rough patch of routine migraines (I am convinced it has to do with how tight the muscles in my shoulder and back are) and after battling one that evening was tuckered out. I tried to stay up but Piper chose this night of all night to go to bed at 8:30pm. I just couldn't see why I should stay up. I felt badly for Elliott being the only one up to ring in the new year, but he told me the next day that fireworks woke the girls up and he spent midnight cuddling his daughters back to sleep. I say that was a nice start to 2010.

For other thoughts I fished through my Facebook postings. Here's some other tidbits of life:

:: 12/29 - Yesterday Lily (unbeknownst to me) sampled a habenero pepper at Whole Foods. Little reaction. I dodged a bullet on that one and left marveling at what a superwoman she is!

:: 12/30 - I do not understand why the baby can sleep through four screaming, playing kids but not during the middle of the night. Why Lord, why?

:: 12/31 - I am enjoying having Elliott home early and the sound of daddy playing with girls. ahhhhh....

:: 1/2 - Watching our weekly Friday afternoon movie - Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure

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Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Love the photo of Piper wearing the blue jeans! She looks like such a big girl sitting in a chair wearing her jeans. sigh
Why do they have to grow so fast??!!