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Mommy and me

I call this "my pocket". She's in "my pocket", that little nook that fits her so perfectly. And I love it!

I'll show the bad with the good. Here's the Lily face we see more often these days, usually when she doesn't get something she wants or when dinner is not appearing at the table fast enough.

Piper tried cereal for the first time this week. She's getting better at it, but Elliott captured this little moment after a bite.

The other night the girls were running around before bedtime. Elliott and I heard a loud bang and scooped Lily up off the floor, where she had run straight into the doorway of the bathroom. A huge goose egg immediately sprung up and it was pretty horrible looking. Today she still has a good size bruise and it looks gross, but doesn't seem to bother her.

I love, love, love that Piper is interacting with her sisters. Ava especially loves to entertain her and is a wonderful helper, responding to my cries of "go help Piper to stop crying" by talking and giggling at her. Piper eats it up.

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Skinner Family said...

Hannah is reading your post with me... her comments, "That is my friends! My friends are crying! My friends are naked!" It is fun to sit and read blogs with her.