Real Family Photo

{December 20}: Take a Christmas photo in our Christmas dresses

There is a reason our blog header has three separate photos as a collage rather than the hoped for picture of all three girls in their matching Christmas plaid dresses. Here are a few sample shots of how the impromptu photo shoot went, minus the shots of Lily's scowling face (which is the only face we seemed to be able to get from her):

Lily won't stay in the shot

The older two in a good spot but Piper melts down

Oh well, you can tell we tried, right?


LS said...

Beautiful girls and beautiful dresses! This is such a fun blog carnival! Your photos are so cute even if they aren't all looking and smiling!

The Happy Housewife said...

Aww- well even if you couldn't get one of the three of them together, your header is adorable and I love the matching outfits. There is always next year, lol!

Southern Gal said...

Those are funny. Your girls are beautiful!

Steph B. said...

Love the dresses!