More Projects

Christmas gifts for Ava's preschool class

We wrapped up a box of hot chocolate for each of her preschool friends. Then I used a fun font I found and downloaded to print a Christmas message on some Christmas Post-It notes from the $1 section at the craft store. We topped it off by hot gluing two mini candy canes on the box in the form of a heart.

Flower barrettes

I read a blog post awhile back (wish I could remember where) about using scrapbooking flowers and little scrapbooking posts to make flower barrettes, which in turn are interchangeable and easily updated. The girls like them and I just existing barrettes in our house, which actually have a little hole in the point where I put the post through. (Lily liked playing with all of the flowers when I was working on the project, but you can see how beautifully she modeled the finished product).

Homemade bread

I have been trying my hand at homemade bread. On my 2010 "to-do" list (yes, I have one going already!) is "master breadmaking". The last batch of bread I made using Momma Kay's recipe made me think maybe I am on my way. While we were up in Utah at Thanksgiving she walked me through it step by step and so far I have been able to recreate it admirably at home. No more store bought bread for us.

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