Sisters - You Can Tell!

Piper, three weeks

Ava, four weeks

When I saw this picture I captured of Piper the other day, it struck of bit of deja-vu with me. I knew I had seen this face before. So I went digging into the old photos and BINGO! You can tell they are sisters, can't you? And then I saw these.......

Piper, three weeks

Lily, four weeks

Amazing, isn't it? Considering we don't think that these days Lily and Ava look alike at all, it will be interesting to see who Piper looks more like as she gets older. Maybe just her own special self. We shall see.


Lisa Shatzer said...

Wow, that is amazing! It will be fun to see if she looks alot like one sister or her own look.

Babette said...

Woa!!! Love it!! You are so right; you don't realize it when you see them when they are older, but you can clearly tell they are sisters looking back at the baby pictures:) They are all so beautiful, you have gorgeous girls!

Jennifer B said...

They are just so cute. I'm so sad I didn't get to see when you were up here. (I hate it when the kids get sick then on top not being able to see one of my best friends just sucks!!) Hopefully soon!