Girl Updates

  • Insists on wearing dresses all of the time. I don't see the reason for buying pants anymore.

  • Tries to reason her way into/out of everything. She always seems to have a "good" reason for when she is disobeying.

  • Whines too much for my sanity. I think she is going through a phase, but I may lose my sanity soon.

  • Is a solid chunky-monkey. She is so hefty that when she charges me I brace for the attack.

  • Has a mind of her own and has had to start experiencing time-outs, countdowns, and even spankings.

  • Herds us everywhere. She will get underneath you and push, shove or pull you until she gets you where she wants you. If you are running a bit late trying to get out the door and Lily is ready to go, you better be ready for her trying to push you towards the car!

  • Has a pretty predictable sleep schedule. She usually wakes up about 7-8am, has awake time until 9ish, then sleeps solidly until about noon. The afternoon is hit and miss, as she will snooze and snack until late afternoon, when she will sleep solidly again until evening. She usually goes to sleep for the night about 11pm, with a feeding about 3-4am, then up again for the day at 7am. Of course, not every day is like this, but finding some sort of rhythym is a blessing.


Lisa Shatzer said...

I can't wait to hold Piper again!

Jennifer B said...

The kids are so cute & growing so big. I can't wait to see them at the end of the month!!