Oh My *$@&!

According to Yahoo News:

An Indonesian woman has given birth to an 8.7-kilogramme (19.2-pound) baby boy, the heaviest newborn ever recorded in the country, a doctor said. The baby boy is pictured here next to a baby of average size at a hospital in Medan, North Sumatra.

The biggest in the country? How big is the biggest baby from the USA? If that's the biggest in Indonesia, how big was the biggest baby in the world? How did nobody catch that it would be such a big baby? Did the mom have gestational diabetes? How the heck did they get it out? How much does it eat?

OK, Sarah, deep breath. Seriously - I don't want to know. If I look at this picture any more I may hyperventilate. OK a quick peek.... yep, I am hyperventilating. THAT IS A BIG BABY!

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