Piper's Baby Blessing

In the LDS church it is customary to hold a baby blessing for each new child, similar to a baby dedication or christening in other churches. We have held baby blessings for our other girls (as well as dedicated them at my church) and we were excited for this special time with Piper.

For the occasion we decided to travel to Utah and hold the blessing at Mom and Dad Kay's house with a member of their home church presiding. Dad performed the ceremony for us and Piper wore the same blessing dress Ava and Lily wore, which Mom Kay made for her girls from her wedding dress (what a history!).

Piper was a good girl throughout and only cried out once (during prayer time of course). We were able to have all of Elliott's siblings (except one sister), their spouses and children with us, as well as our friends the Breinholt's and Patterson's. Afterwards we held a potluck out in the backyard and let the kids run wild. It was a great day all around!

Piper Emily Kay

Piper and her grandpa

All of the men who participated in the ceremony

Elliott, Sarah, and Piper

Stephen and Stephanie Breinholt

Stephen and Piper

Our potluck outside (Ava and Lily are ready to eat!)

Mom and Dad's backyard with buffet table

Lily enjoying dessert - homemade ice cream!

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Ashley said...

I love the picture of Lilly, so cute!! Piper is starting to look more and more like her sisters :)