Our Replumbing Mess

Our house is being totally replumbed this week. Due to a defect in all of the pipes used in every house in our development (and several other developments across the city), they are replumbing every house - and this week it was our turn. Today is day three and supposedly the last day. It has been a bit of an inconvenience to try and corral the girls either on the couch or in their bedroom and not let them wander throughout the house, but we have made do. And I have gotten halfway through "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" again, just because I too am limited in my movements and it is easy to sit in their bedroom supervising their playtime and reading my book. So overall, I can't complain too much. But I am glad it will be over soon!


Yvette said...

Thanks for posting that Sarah I was curious to see how they would do it when it came our turn. Can you do an update post after all is said and done and tell me if you notice a difference in the water pressure or overall. I do know that our water heater and that thing attached to it to make the water hotter faster is a MESS. Thanks.

Vincent said...

Wow, what a major job! I'm amazed you've been able to get anything done with all that going on! Hope it will be done soon!
Love, Mom Kay