Piper's Baby Blanket

I have been working on a baby quilt for baby Piper with the goal that I would finish it before she was born (a goal I have not achieved with the other girls). I had set a precedent of machine quilting the blocks and hand-quilting the quilt for each baby (in Piper's case, I made circles on the quilt), so that they have a unique present from me. Ava loves her baby blanket, which in turn makes my heart melt, and someday Piper and Lily will hopefully appreciate theirs as much. My sister Tracy gave me this pattern (Log Cabin I think it is called) which she used to make a quilt for her son. So here's Piper's baby blanket!


Babette said...

You did GREAT!!! Absolutely amazing:) You are such a talented mommy!

Lisa Shatzer said...

Such pretty fabric. You did a great job! I know Piper will love it someday.