The Other Baby Blankets

In case you were curious, here are the other two baby blankets that I created for Ava and Lily:

Lily's baby blanket. I got the pattern from a quilt my grandma made for Ava. Lily has a fuzzy blanket that she likes to sleep with more than this one, but I am hoping that one day she will enjoy it and use it.

Ava's baby blanket. The embroidered squares have names of states and the state flower. I found them in an antique store years ago and eventually found a good way to put them to use. I *did not* embroider them myself.

Ava loves her baby blanket. She likes to be wrapped and cuddled in it every night, enjoys
relaxing on the couch with it, and is fiercely protective of it when Lily finds it interesting.


Lisa Shatzer said...

I love them! You're a seamstress and a quilter and I suck at both, no fair. :)

Babette said...

Oh wow, they are all so beautiful!!! How precious:)