The Last Few Days

The replumbing is done! It took five days, rather than three, and one of those days I almost lost my cool when they were here until 8pm and I had kids to put to bed, but it is over and behind me. Whew! I have to say, I don't really notice any difference. We didn't have any noticeable problems before with lack of pressure or anything water-related, so there has been no positive side-effects that I can see. Since our house would've been up for replumbing sooner or later, we opted for sooner. I don't have any after pictures to post at the moment, but everything looks like it did before. They patched and painted, doing an admirable job with only a few things I would notice (Elliott didn't until I pointed them out and he wasn't bothered.)

We were able to enjoy our new plumbing for a full two days before we awoke yesterday morning to a busted water heater and flooded garage. Sigh! Honestly, Elliott and I both knew the water heater was on it's last legs, we were just hoping to make it a little longer. God's timing is good though. Even though dealing with a busted water tank is the last thing I want to be doing on a Monday morning (and one that was already packed with appointments), if it had to happen the timing couldn't have been better. Our neighbor across the street is a plumber and was actually in his driveway when I rolled up the garage door and the water poured out. He hurried over and turned our water off then offered to go to Home Depot and install a new one for us that morning. Praise the Lord! He and his teenage son had the new one installed and garage cleaned up by 11am and hot water was restored! Whew! Come to find out when chatting with him that they are moving next week, so if this had happened in a week I would have been completely lost!

Yesterday afternoon I went in for another ultrasound to make sure the baby wasn't getting too big. We wrestled a bit with insurance to make sure they were going to pay for this procedure and then went in for a sneak peek. Piper was very active during the first half of the ultrasound, movin' and groovin' in there, and towards the end fell asleep. It was actually quite amusing to see it all on film, because at the end she was just perfectly still and you knew she had worn herself out. Everything looks perfect and the doctor says we are on track for another 9lb baby or so. Right now Piper is measuring 5 lb 3 oz, so I am a little ahead of schedule, but nothing to be concerned with. Only 6 weeks to go, unless I decide to induce a few days early. Wow, did time fly or what?

I have to tell you a funny story - a boy came to our door Sunday afternoon during lunch. He must live in the neighborhood but I don't know him. He said "can I have 2 or 3 dollars for ice cream? My mom and dad said no." Ha ha! I told him I didn't have any cash right now, sorry. "Do you have change?" he says. I told him then that if his mom and dad said no then I can't give him any money either. Elliott was amused by the boy's gumption then worried that his girls' would someday wander the neighborhood asking random strangers for money.

And lastly, here are a few Ava-isms for your enjoyment:

(Big yawn from me.) Why are you so tired Mom? We're just talking!

Ava it's naptime in 5 minutes. I told Daddy 'no naps'. Well, I'm sorry but Mommy is the boss of naptime and she says you will take naps. 5 minutes. (Ava went off to nap without any incident.)

Sitting on the couch, reading a book she says sweetly and serenely as Lily is melting down, Uh-oh. I think somebody needs a nap.

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Tracy Lindley said...

Woah, when did you change your blog appearance? Yowza, where have I been (besides on maternity leave). Glad things are back to normal water-wise and YES, your neighbor sounds like a God-send. Our God is truly amazing and providential. Love you, sis!
Tracy (and Levi)