WFMW: Cereal gift boxes

I read a hint in a magazine last month and have been employing it this holiday season with great success:

Save your cereal boxes and use them to wrap presents in. Why did I never think of this before? They are a perfect size for clothing and I am constantly recycling them at our house. So this year as wrapping paper comes flying off, people will be wondering if they got Rice Krispies or something better.

That's what works for me! Check out the entire Works For me Wednesday line-up over at Rocks In My Dryer.


Amy said...

Okay that's brilliant. I'm going to start saving my boxes!

Nikki said...

What a great idea! And they're "free" which is much better than buying shirt boxes!

Hopefulone said...

I noticed you became a follower of my blog All Things Frugal and wanted to stop by and say hello.
Your daughters are beautiful:)

I like your tip today. I've used an old graham cracker box and turned it into more of a gift "bag" that is upright with handles. I wrapped it in paper and punched holes through it with some twine handles.

Anything recycled is something gained and $ saved I guess:)
Like your blog-
Best Wishes