Snow in Vegas!

Yes, you read that headline correctly - it snowed in Las Vegas on Monday! And it was actually sticking a bit where we lived. Ava woke up late that morning (yeah for me!) and had such a great time waking up to that surprise. So I bundled her up and sent her out to play. She had a great time and only came in when I decided that she was just too wet and it was time to eat breakfast. She is very much looking forward to Christmas in Utah where we are expected to have lots of snow.


Skinner Family said...

Snow in Vegas is crazy!

mub said...

I'm flying into Las Vegas next month, and while I know it's not super hot, I was hoping for a little sunshine, not snow *L*

Anonymous said...

I love it! Playing in the snow is awesome and every kid should get to experience the joys of a whitish Christmastime. I remember all the snow forts, snowball fights, snow igloos, etc we would build as kids and want all the same fun times for my little nieces. You're such a cool mom!
Love, Tracy