More Snowy Pictures

The snow continued Wednesday night, blanketing the Las Vegas valley in about 3 inches. The "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign lost power and went black, flights and schools were closed, and we had to go outside and beat the tree branches in the backyard with a broom so the limbs didn't break with the heavy, wet snow. By Thursday morning school was still closed, but the roads were clear and the snow had stopped; by this afternoon you would never have known we had snow - it's clear and cool. Crazy weather!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a little taste of the Midwest! You should probably have a white Christmas anyway since you'll be in Utah, but it's kind of funny to me to see people from a warm climate freak out when they see snow in their area and cancel school and such. Anyways, I'm sure Ava loved it and I like the snowman you guys built :)
Love, Tracy