Lunchtime with the Girls

Today is a lazy day. This post finds me blogging from my couch with our brand-new laptop and wireless internet connection and Ava watching "Super Why" while laying on me. I am not sure life gets much better than this.

This morning I met some other Bible Study leaders at Starbucks for a morning coffee and catch-up while my friend Lisa watched the girls (ok, technically Lily slept for her whole visit) at our house so I could go out. After I got back all four of us went to lunch at Mimi's Cafe', where we enjoyed a nice time out with some yummy vittles. Since I had my camera on me, I decided to capture this moment, as I just thought the girls lined up next to each other were just so cute:

So I officially decided to take a day off from being productive since Elliott and I are going out tonight for a pre-Christmas date and won't be cooking dinner anyway. So laundry, you will just have to wait until tomorrow. So will you wrapping paper. Mom is taking a break.

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