Lily Sleeps!

Maybe I am shooting myself in the foot with this post, but for the past two nights I would go so far as to say my baby is sleeping normally. No night terrors and up only twice. Yeah! With all of this sleep, I almost don't know what to do with myself. .

After reading The No-Cry Sleep Solution, I decided to try some of the books ideas and suggestions. Here are some things that seem to be working:
  • Feeding her formula with dinner. I think she may not be getting enough from nursing before bedtime, as last night she chugged an eight ounce bottle. And I do mean chugged. Boy, I felt a little bad wondering if she has been starving all of this time.
  • Breaking the nursing to sleep association. She has always been pretty good about going to sleep without nursing, but I believe that in the middle of the night that th e comfort of it was all she wanted, just the comfort of nursing - not actually anything to drink. So the past couple of days I have been nursing her in the living room where it is bright, making sure she has had enough to eat. Then I transfer her to her bedroom, where it is dim and give her a pacifier and stuffed animal and lay her down while she's still awake.
  • Introducing a "lovey." Lately when she's been nursing, Lily likes to stroke at my shirt and such. So I thought the idea of trying to introduce a special object, known as a "lovey" in some circles, might be a good comforting tool. I received a little teddy bear in the mail the other day and decided it was just the right size, not to mention so soft, for Lily. So now before bed she gets a pacifier and her bear. She seems to like the bear and both are soothing for her.

So stay tuned! We'll see how she does for another week ....

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