Saturday on the Strip

Saturday we took in the lovely weather in Las Vegas as we ventured out into the city. First we went to the Target Children's Book Festival in downtown Las Vegas. We scored LOTS of free kids' books (giveaways sponsored by Target and the City of Las Vegas) and a free lunch (the city also sponsored hot dogs and chips). The PBS station was in attendance along with the a larger than life Super Why mascot, Ava's absolute favorite show. She was thrilled to see Wyett, but too nervous to get close to him. We took home some Super Why stickers and pictures from the PBS booth, along with superhero cape (made from a vinyl tablecloth) which Ava is really enjoying wearing around the house.

Since we were already halfway there, we went ahead and headed down to thr Strip to take in a Bellagio water show and enjoy their ever-changing conservatory. They had a beautiful autumn display up, complete with walk-under canopies of water and leaves; an old mill with waterwheel; bronze sculptural trees; and a robotic talking tree, which fascinated Ava but which she declared for the rest of the day "I scared of tree."

After the conservatory visit, we went outside to take in the famous Bellagio watershow. Since Ava loves waterfalls, we thought she would really enjoy the show - and she did! Luckily the song to which the water "performed" was a quieter opera number, so the water show a bit tamer than some we have seen. She really, really enjoyed and didn't want to leave when it was over. All in all, a very good day of free fun for the family (and gorgeous weather to boot!)

On a final funny note, when we were parking the car downtown for the festival, a guy came up to me as I was unloading the kids, stroller, etc. and asked if we had a chapel yet, attempting to hand me a flyer. I said we were all set and he walked away. There was ALOT of activity at the building across the street from the car and I wondered what type of religious conference they were having. Before we had finished getting away from the car another guy approached us and I waved him off saying we were going to book fair. But on the way back to the car we noticed people standing on the steps taking pictures, holding up a paper. AH HA! It's where you pick up your marriage license in Vegas! To confirm it, when we were back at the car and loading kids in, a limo pulled up next to us and asked if we had a chapel in mind for our wedding. Ha! We laughed and told him we were already married, but thanks. He laughed too and drove away. I really love "only in Las Vegas" moments, don't you?

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