Summer TV

First the writers' strike, now summer. Our TV viewing habits are completely out of whack! Luckily there are a few shows we are looking forward to (at least I am!) and we ended the 07-08 regular season on a good note. So first, the wrap-up:

The season finales of The Office and Lost were fantastic this year! So much, so much to fit in. I heard that the finale for Lost was the lowest rated one in their history. Why? It was GREAT! Answered alot, opened up alot of questions, so much happened. One of the best episodes to date. And The Office didn't disappoint either. Although Elliott and I had to go hunting on the internet for the last two minutes (since our DVR cut off), those last minutes were totally worth it!

Now the summer is here and we are back to watching summer shows. My favorites this year- So You Think You Can Dance, Project Runway (starting in July), and My Boys. If you haven't yet seen My Boys (on TBS) it is very cute and a great little show. They are re-running the last season on TBS right now and I am enjoying it all over again. As for Project Runway - can't wait! I have seen every season thus far and am always blown away by the contestants creativity (or lack thereof). I can't wait to see what they do this year.

And last, but certainly not least, So You Think You Can Dance is back. Elliott and I have gotten in to this show thanks to his sister Sarianna, who introduced us to it in season two. For those of you haven't seen it, it is American Idol for dance (literally, because it is produced bythe same guy). Last night they wrapped up the audition process and there was some AMAZING talent. When I opened up Yahoo this morning I noticed that they were profiling the show last night as their highlighted clip of the day. One of the most ridiculously talented guys dropped out but you HAVE to see a clip of his original audition. It will blow you away!

While watching the auditions it became quite clear how much Elliott and I are NOT dancers! When someone would finish we would critique them from our couch ("oh they'll make it to Vegas", "they were horrible", etc.) and 99% of the time we were completely opposite of the judges. Ha ha! We actually were so bad at predicting, I think we became quite amused at how bad we were. Well, maybe we'll become better while watching this season. So here's to summer TV - bring it on!


Jennifer B said...

We love watching, "So you think you can dance". It is a show that I even let Paris watch (for the most part). She trys and dance like them. So cute. I am excited to see where it goes this season. I am sad because for some reason the show before this last one my DVR didn't record. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Must say, my guilty pleasure on this summer's TV schedule--after a long hiatus--is The Mole. It's like playing Clue all summer long. Love it!

New White Keds said...

We have not gotten into SYTYCD, but we are totally addicted to the Next Food Netowrk Star and I recently got into Top Chef -- DVRs are a beautiful thing when there are marathons!

That only covers a little bit of TV and I have no idea what we will do with everything else being so far gone for so long. I am sitting with baited breath for the return Grey's Anatomy and a few others though.

Maybe this is a great excuse to step away from the TV and, I don't know, live my life? I am thinking more dinners with friends and time in the pool!