Summer Fun

I don't think Vegas can claim to be the worst weather (or even the hottest, for that matter) in the nation right now. But it is indeed summer, and as such I have been making an effort to get out and let the girls experience "summer things." Today we went to a "splash pad" (popular at the parks around here) and Ava ran around with a bunch of other little ones in our playgroup. She LOVED it! She wasn't too thrilled when the water was misting down on her, but after it would stop she ran like crazy through the puddles it created, and jumping and splashing on her own.

Afterwards she got to snack on some cookies and I bet she thought it was the perfect day. (Lily enjoyed herself too, just being a good girl sitting in mommy's arms.) I think that the trip was a huge success and we may have to incorporate more splash pad trips into our summer days.

In another nod to summer, on Monday we went with Josh and Lizzie (Elliott's brother and his wife) plus their kids Xander and Julia to their church activity of making ice cream. The recipe is:

Add 1 c. milk, 2 T. sugar and vanilla extract or chocolate syrup to a quart ziploc. Then fill a gallon ziploc halfway up with ice and add 1/4 c. ice cream salt. Put the quart bag in the gallon bag and move it around for about 15 minutes or until the ice cream starts to set.

I thought it would a fun activity for Ava to do, but it turns out she wasn't that interested (more interested in running wild with the rest of the kids through the church hall). I did the leg work and she enjoyed the results (Now why I chose to make chocolate ice cream I will never know! More mess for the laundry.) She recently picked up the sign for ice cream and now counts it among her favorites (even though she has only had the treat a few times). I do try and indulge her when I can, as it's summer and ice cream is one of the things summer is all about.

We are also enjoying coloring on the sidewalk and driveway with sidewalk chalk and I am still exploring new and fun ways to enjoy the season. Any suggestion?


Jennifer B said...

You are so good to remember your camera. I have such a hard time remembering mine. I'm glad that Ava had such a great time. It was fun to get to talk to you. =)

New White Keds said...

I love that you are cognicently looking for "summer" fun to make sure the girls get to learn to enjoy each season for its benefits. I am sure that watermelon eating will make its way in soon enough, and there will be plenty of barbeques...

If you travel up towards red rock, there is Spring Mountain Ranch, and it is cooler up there as well as some nice walks to take up at Mt Charelston. Those are just a few -- Oh! And baseball games and fireworks, and picnics, and... I should stop while I am ahead. Have a great day!