They Grow Up So Fast

It is the end of the night and I feel like writing something a little closer to the heart than normal. Elliott is off to the dog park with Jack (that puppy needs a good run) and both girls are sleeping peacefully. This leaves me with a quiet moment of reflection on how quickly life moves.

Every day I am torn between wanting my girls to just get a bit bigger so we can participate in some project, game or craft together and just wanting to freeze the moment and spend eternity in it. This week it has become all that much clearer that time speeds on, unhindered by me. Ava has shed yet another little piece of her babyhood, replacing her word "wa-wa" for the real thing, "water". Clear as bell now, no problems. "Wah-TER peese" she will say. She has also started saying her own name, something she wouldn't do until now. She refers to herself as "Ada" and Lily is "Ninny." Honestly I think Ada and Ninny are cute; why didn't we think of those?

And then tonight Lily decided to get in on the act, by rolling from her back to her tummy (several times) like she has been doing it all her life. She had rolled from tummy to back twice in the past week, but now there is no stopping her! Some people say the second child works harder to keep up with their older sibling, and if that is true we are in trouble. Ava pushes herself all day, every day -learning new words, signs, letters, numbers. With an older sister like that and the determination that Lily already has, I am afraid her babyhood will end sooner than I would like too.

I know, I know - Ava isn't even 2 yet and Lily is just three months, but every day you just see them growing up right before your eyes and all you can do is watch it happen. Nothing you can do to slow it down, only thank God that he has given you the moments that you have.

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