Freezer Group

Yesterday I was able to participate as a substitue in a friend's freezer meal group. Basically it is a group of 6 ladies who get together monthly and make 25 meals (x 6 people) to freeze for the month. The group does all of the meal planning and shopping and then we do some prep work (including full preparation of several dishes) before gathering to put the rest of the meals together on the night of.

Ava is a great big "mommy's helper" these days and my prep work for freezer group was no exception. I had to bake all the potatoes for Twice Baked Potatoes and Ava wanted to help. So I gave her the job of wrapping the cleaned potatoes in foil. She did a great job!

That night I wasn't able to stay and prepare the meals for the entire time as Ava came down with a fever and Lily threw up on me - twice! - while at the prepping site, so I had to go home. But I did manage to fit everything (minus the two dishes which were still being put together when I left) in the freezer. I had to pat myself on the back for that! I mean just look how full it is! Guess what we'll be eating the rest of the month (which is rather the point, right)?

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Jennifer B said...

I am glad that you enjoyed the freezer meals. You will have to let me know what is your favorite and what you don't like. =) I hope the kids are feeling much better today.