Thanksgiving Weekend {2012}

For Thanksgiving this year we were all by our lonesome.  Mom and Dad Kay went to California to be with Rachel and Derek, and Sarianna’s family spent it with her in-laws.  But that is no excuse to not cook a full dinner; after discussing it with Elliott I discovered that he would’ve been disappointed with anything less.  And I guess you can’t have too many leftovers, right?

Emma napped right through lunch, but she was better off for it.  She just ate when she woke up.

After lunch we busted out the Christmas decorations.  Not a day sooner.  You have to celebrate Thanksgiving first!

I bought a 9-foot tree at a garage sale this summer.  Apparently our ceilings are not 9-foot, but thank goodness this tree came in three separate pieces so I just left out the middle.  Ta-da!  Perfect!

Our old tree went downstairs and was decorated by the girls, all by themselves.  Throughout the holiday season it became the location to place any homemade ornaments.  It filled up nicely.

Of course we had to have some good music to help spread the cheer.  If you need any suggestions for next year, look up the “White Christmas Station” on Pandora.  It has all of the lovely old classics.  It’s my favorite!

The weather was gorgeous all weekend long, which gave Elliott no excuse whatsoever not to get our Christmas lights up.  Which he did.

Trying to keep the kids out from under foot, I gave them the camera and let them take pictures of each other.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Emma even got to play in the leaves Daddy raked up.

Finally, we topped the evening off with a family viewing of Elf (one of the first of many this season!)


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