Natural History Museum

I had a friend that moved out of state this summer, but before she did she gifted me with some passes to the Natural History Museum that she was unable to use.  Knowing how dinosaur crazy my girls are, I knew they would love it!!

I was really impressed with the place.  It is a new museum on the University of Utah campus and the layout was fantastic.  You just gently walk up ramps (several stories!) through the exhibits.  It was very easy to navigate with the kids with many hands-on stops along the way.

We did have to take a break about half-way up for snacks and coloring (or we would have had a meltdown on our hands).

We rushed through the top floor because the girls were getting really tired and I wanted to make sure we had time to go back down to the kids-only discovery area.  They had live animals to look at, a water feature to splash around in, and costumes to model.


On our way to leave the building, we discovered that the paleontology lab was now open and they were inviting patrons in to view fossils currently being cleaned and to see the scientists in action.


Ava was in heaven.  She says she wants to be a paleontologist (and artist) when she grows up and I was very excited to be able to finish off our trip on such a high note.

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