Pumpkin Patch Trip

On October 15 we had a little play day visiting family.  We had heard about a Cajun restaurant that I became obsessed with trying out, so Sarianna and her girls joined us for lunch in Payson.  I was underwhelmed when they had no oyster po’ boys, they were out of alligator, and they didn’t even put remoulade on their po’ boys.  (When did I become such a food snob?)  I got the shrimp po’boy, which had home-battered shrimp and thus redeemed itself. 

Before lunch I spotted a fabric store next door and, since we were a little early in meeting Sarianna, we popped inside.  I was delighted to discover a scrap fabric bin at the back, which was “fill a bag for $3.”  I got a TON of good pieces and my brain is racing with possibilities.

After lunch we headed north to Provo and went with Grandma to a local pumpkin patch.  It was so much fun and a lovely, lovely day.  They had a bounce house area at the end and the girls burned up a lot of energy (just like I like it!)  A perfect, gorgeous fall day!


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Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Those pictures of Emma sitting with the pumpkins are priceless! She is so adorable! The pictures of the girls in the cornfield are really wonderful too!