Fall in Pictures

I took a memory foam topper off our king bed when we bought ourselves a new mattress as our anniversary present (yeah us!) and the girls had a great time playing with/on it. The best part was that it was big enough to limit the fighting. Hooray!

Gotta get our daddy playtime in when daddy comes home from work.

On three different occasions this fall Lily had an allergic reaction on her face to something, cause unknown. We saw our regular doctor and a dermatologist, both of whom were stumped. Symptoms only appeared on her face, never anywhere else (which I think is what stumped the doctors) and included fast developing facial swelling (one morning she woke up with what looked like a lazy eye since her eyelid swelled), blisters on her nose or around her mouth, and a line across her forehead which always looked like somebody had burned her with a curling iron.

I spoke with the neighbors, wondering if she got into something in their houses or outside, but we were never able to pinpoint it. I am certain it wasn’t dietary and, though the dermatologist thought it might be symptoms of a lingering virus which was simply resulting in these unusual reactions, one of the other girls (Piper I think) picked up a few symptoms one day as well, leading me to believe it was environmental and we would simply have to wait until it got cold and froze everything. And that seems to have done the trick; no more outbreaks!


Bob and Larry came to our local Christian bookstore one Saturday. All the girls were super excited to visit them, but when the time came Lily got a little shy and only Piper and Ava would get close enough for a picture.

This is what Emma looks like when she can’t figure out whether to laugh or cry because she is so tired.

9-30 Sunday
Just a gratuitous shot of me and Emma at church. I never seem to get in any photos, so this is nice. There is a lady at our church who takes photos of everything church-related and it is so nice to be on the giving end of her pictures.

We also took the girls on their first-ever mini-golfing experience.  They petered out and lost interest pretty fast, but you can’t say we didn’t try!

Elliott won a gift basket at a charity gold tournament.  Emma enjoyed the basket itself most of all.

The AWANA program we attend on Wednesday nights sometimes has theme nights.  This one was “Crazy Hair Night”.  Ava insisted on coloring her hair (I think she’d seen a commercial or something) and picked out hot pink.; they even directed me on the placement of the pigtails.  This photo cracks me up and reminds me of No Doubt (from the 90’s).

Another theme night was to dress as a character from the Bible.  Meet my shepherds!

I inherited buckets of my childhood Legos and have been storing them for awhile, waiting for the kids to get older.  One day, we had some young boys visiting and so I busted them out (thinking our stash of dolls and dress-up clothes might not be as appealing).  Lo and behold my girls love Legos and they have become a regular toy around here.  It is such a great learning toy: imagination, engineering, sharing, cooperation… you name it.

001 (2)
I also used masking tape to create a hopscotch board in our dining room.  That entertained everyone for a little while.


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