Halloween 2012: Part II

The week of Halloween we celebrated with our annual preschool field trip to Gardner Village for their Witch Hunt.  It is so cute to see all of the little ones parading around in their costumes.

The obligatory “all kids in the picture” shot, which Emma did not want to participate in.

Ava and Emma helped me during the “trunk or treat” portion by passing out candy for Lily and Piper’s classmates.


On the big day (Halloween in case I lost you) we headed down to Provo to go trick or treating around Grandma and Grandpa’s neighborhood.  We had thought about staying home, but if we do that either Elliott or I get stuck at home, handing out candy, while the other one has to take all four out by themselves.  So when Lily said she wanted to go trick or treating with Hailey (their friend that lives across the street from Grandma and Grandpa) we jumped at that.  All the usual costumes were paraded out, but I had seen an idea earlier in the week for a costume which I thought was HILARIOUS so I put it together for myself:

I went as a Pinterest board!  Ha ha ha ha ha!!  I crack myself up!


The girls had a great time with their friends, a ton of loot we will be eating for months and lots of fun family memories.

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