Halloween 2012: Part I

To kick off all of the fall / Halloween festivities, we attended a Harvest Festival at our church the weekend before Halloween.  Honestly, it was kinda nice to have more opportunities to wear the costumes I worked so hard to make.  This year everyone (with the exception of Emma) was very opinionated  about what costumes they wanted.

Ava wanted to be a peacock.

We drew inspiration from here:
peacock Collage

peacock tutu, eye makeup

Emma got to sport a hand-me-down butterfly costume (which I still think is of the most stinkin’ cute things I have ever seen).

Lily was a monster and Piper was a dragon.  Here was their inspiration:
monster CollageCredits: monster costume, dragon hoodie

And yes, they did request those costumes.  Believe me, I was trying to convince someone to be an owl or something cute but they stuck to their guns.

I volunteered to bring cupcakes, so of course I took the opportunity to jazz ‘em up – making them into apples (with taffy leaves and pretzel stems).

002 (2)
The girls had a great time visiting the various booths and playing all of the games.  A lovely way to kick off the season!


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