Piper’s Birthday

August 13 was Piper’s third birthday.  She has been telling people she is three for quite awhile now, so it was good to make it official, ha ha ha!

Good morning birthday girl!


When she woke up, this is what she saw:


Didn't Aunt Rachel wrap her presents beautifully?!   (They were staying with us for a few days before their move to California.)

Uncle Derek volunteered to make us his famous IHOP pancakes and I wasn’t about to turn that down.


We opened one present after breakfast…


… a mini- BYU cheerleader outfit.


She loves that cheerleading outfit!  I finally got her out of it so we could put on her birthday shirt and tutu.  But we were missing any sort of birthday crown (ours had broken apparently) so we made a quick trip to Zurcher’s Party Store for a “Happy Birthday” crown (and wands and helium-filled balloons to play with) so we finish the look.

For lunch we went to McDonald’s Playplace (which she had been asking to go to for some time) and feasted on chicken McNuggets and french fries – oh the joys of childhood.  The rest of the day we enjoyed playing around our house and at her neighbor friend’s.  For dinner we ate out at Golden Corral.  It hadn’t taken much for Lily to convince Piper to choose Golden Corral for her birthday dinner after they saw a commercial advertising that GC now had cotton candy on their dessert bar.  They were sold.  It was their first experience with cotton candy; Lily decided she wasn’t a fan.  No worries, Ava was fan enough for the both of them!


When we got home we got jammies on and Piper opened the rest of her presents, including new clothes and puzzles (which she loves to do).

The kids were still pretty hyped up on sugar from the cotton candy, so we went outside to run around and play a bit more before bedtime.




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Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! I so wish Levi and Piper could still play together, although I think they both have strong personalities so it might turn into brawling. ha ha
I've never been to Golden Corral, how do you like it?