Fourth of July

I was able to host some of the Kay clan for the 4th of July this year.  We had a good time just hanging out and relaxing.  I snagged a Groupon for catered BBQ from a local restaurant so I even saved myself the cooking; win-win!


Mom and Dad brought their pop up tent and we enjoyed the added shade during the evening hours.

We got out the girls’ wading pool to let the kids splash around in.  Jack enjoyed it as much as they did!

But then Jack drank so much of the pool water that Derek put him in the window well until he peed it all out of his system so he didn’t have an accident in the car on the way home. 


After everyone went home for the night, Elliott busted out the fireworks.  Again, I had snagged an online deal for fireworks and sent Elliott to the tent to pick some out.  Lesson learned:  Elliott can not be trusted at a fireworks tent with a budget.  He came home with enough to last us several years (he’s just a big kid at heart).

The girls enjoyed the sparklers daddy let them play with and even the noisy ones he set off in the street.  Utah is crazy for fireworks; we “enjoyed” them almost every day during the month of July (Elliott much more than me).

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Tracy Lindley said...

Ha ha--had no idea Elliott was so into fireworks! I love that he stays young at heart, that's one of the qualities that makes him such a good dad! Looks like you had a fantastic 4th and thanks for sharing all your pics. Love you all!